Making a Killing

Journalism, Weekend Sunrise

30 August 2014

In 2013 global military spending totalled $1.75 trillion… more than 130 times higher than the foreign aid budget.

Where does the money go? Who’s benefiting from the world’s wars? And how might we begin to change it?

My segment with Dr Keith Suter.


Game Over

Journalism, Opinion, Weekend Sunrise

I’m a big fan of computer games.

Trust me, I’ve played more than my fair share. Ever since my friend gave me a copy of Age of Empires out of a cereal box, I’ve been somewhat addicted to both games and cereal.

But for an industry worth an estimated $93 billion worldwide and projected to grow to over $100 billion in the next two years, it’s high time game manufacturers became more responsible for their actions.

Gaming Revenue


I think the gaming industry is irresponsible for three reasons. Firstly, for such an immersive medium it often fails to adequately educate us. Secondly, it seems indifferent about influencing the minds of younger generations. And thirdly, it fails it disclose information that is of vital importance to its consumers.