Huffington’s Secrets

Journalism, Weekend Sunrise

14 September 2014

We interviewed Arianna Huffington last week.

I didn’t know much about her before I started researching, but hers was a fascinating story to learn. To me the most interesting aspect of her journey was the switch from a conservative to a liberal understanding of the world. (Andrew O’Keefe was also fascinated by this transition.) In the interview she explains what caused this shift and why it’s important for people to change their viewpoints. Amen.

P.S. You can blame me for the climate change and Greek god questions, both topics I find fascinating. As I pointed out to Andrew and he repeated to Huffington, it’s rare to find aspects of divine failure in our monotheistic religions these days.


Making a Killing

Journalism, Weekend Sunrise

30 August 2014

In 2013 global military spending totalled $1.75 trillion… more than 130 times higher than the foreign aid budget.

Where does the money go? Who’s benefiting from the world’s wars? And how might we begin to change it?

My segment with Dr Keith Suter.