Huffington’s Secrets

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14 September 2014

We interviewed Arianna Huffington last week.

I didn’t know much about her before I started researching, but hers was a fascinating story to learn. To me the most interesting aspect of her journey was the switch from a conservative to a liberal understanding of the world. (Andrew O’Keefe was also fascinated by this transition.) In the interview she explains what caused this shift and why it’s important for people to change their viewpoints. Amen.

P.S. You can blame me for the climate change and Greek god questions, both topics I find fascinating. As I pointed out to Andrew and he repeated to Huffington, it’s rare to find aspects of divine failure in our monotheistic religions these days.


Making a Killing

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30 August 2014

In 2013 global military spending totalled $1.75 trillion… more than 130 times higher than the foreign aid budget.

Where does the money go? Who’s benefiting from the world’s wars? And how might we begin to change it?

My segment with Dr Keith Suter.

Game Over

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I’m a big fan of computer games.

Trust me, I’ve played more than my fair share. Ever since my friend gave me a copy of Age of Empires out of a cereal box, I’ve been somewhat addicted to both games and cereal.

But for an industry worth an estimated $93 billion worldwide and projected to grow to over $100 billion in the next two years, it’s high time game manufacturers became more responsible for their actions.

Gaming Revenue


I think the gaming industry is irresponsible for three reasons. Firstly, for such an immersive medium it often fails to adequately educate us. Secondly, it seems indifferent about influencing the minds of younger generations. And thirdly, it fails it disclose information that is of vital importance to its consumers.

School Is Out!

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“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”                 – Mark Twain

I’ve often quoted Mark Twain in jest. Now I’m realising his words are worryingly applicable. Never before have we been so economically and culturally invested in education… and never before has it been failing at the rate it is today.

Source: Data from Board of Studies NSW

Source: Data from Board of Studies NSW

A Bright Future

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Australia’s future is in solar energy.

Consider this. Since 1977 the cost of photovoltaic cells (PV) has dropped by over 99%, from $76/watt in 1977 to $0.36/watt in 2014.

Watt does that mean? Well a typical 4 kW system – which can essentially power all household needs – is now about $6,000. Solar panels are constantly getting cheaper and more efficient and they will continue to do so.

Source: Bloomberg, New Energy Finance

Source: Bloomberg, New Energy Finance